NEWS – March, 2015

RLR is very happy to announce that the third and final book in Paul Corey’s Mantz Trilogy, County Seat, has completed the editing phase and been returned to Foreverland Press for publication in March.  The cover photo has again been provided by John and Kate Carbonara; the introduction is by Dr. Paul Theobald.  Look for it on and through the Rural Lit RALLY Editions on Foreverland Press - and read the final chapters of Paul Corey’s semi-autobiographical tale of the Mantz family.  You might be surprised!

We announced last month the addition of Paul Reynolds to our Advisory Board.  Paul’s first project for us will be the conversion of the Mantz Trilogy, starting with Three Miles Square, to audio book format.  We are very excited about this particular project – stay tuned to learn when it will be available.



































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