NEWS – September, 2014

The summer months have been very busy, and very productive – which is why we are bit behind with this site update!

Most important news is that we are gearing up to host our first blog discussion on our sister site,  We hope that many of you who have read Unrestorable Habitat:  Microsoft is My Neighbor Now will join the conversation, or at least look in on it.  Many of you who knew Lois, and of her deep care and concern for the environment (and the world as a whole), but may not have read the book, would certainly be able to participate in the discussion.

We’ve made many new friends and connections to our work over the summer, and wish a warm welcome to Joshua Preston.  We’re currently talking with Josh aboutways in which he can participate in our effort, given his many talents, and hope that you will all meet him on this site over the next few months.

Be sure to check out our “Young Readers Project” page to meet our new group, which will start this spring, and updates on two of our returning student reading groups, Storm Lake and Okoboji.  Emerson, we’ll miss you this fall, and hope to see you back in the spring.































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