Gathering from the Grassland, a new book by Linda Hasselstrom

Gathering from the Grassland: A Plains Journal was released this summer by High Plains Press.  Chronicling Linda’s life over the course of a year, during which, among other things, she studied the journals left by her deceased parents–the book is a deeply moving account of a family wedded to the plains, to a particular place on earth, and to the kinds of economic activity best suited to it.

This is Linda Hasselstrom’s 17th book.  A review will follow shortly on this website!

New Nonfiction Rural Title

Will Gillespie, a southern Illinois farmer and coal mine inspector, has written an interesting and entertaining book called Cows I Have Known.  It is available in a kindle edition and in paperback.  Check it out on  In 374 pages, and 45 short chapters, Will brings readers into the everyday life of livestock farming, introducing them to the idiosyncrasies of cows in an often humorous, and always very informative, manner.  Worth a quick read!

Rural Schools Collaborative Making Headway

In the wake of all the noise surrounding “standards and testing” in American schools, a small, loosely-knit organization is doing its best to cut through the hype and strengthen the bonds between rural schools and communities.  Check out the work of the Rural Schools Collaborative:   Their emphasis on place-based student engagement helps open the door for the return of rural literature in rural schools . . .